From the recording yellow//gold

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So come on, babe
Put those sleepy eyes away
Let's take your beat up old car
To the beach on a rainy day
I got some change in my pockets
You got your weekday blues
Yeah, Brooklyn is wildfire forest
We've got nothing to lose
Come on, girl
Let's make mistakes for a while
Then let's come to our senses
You could be my baby for a while
And when the rain goes down in sheets
We'll find shelter for a while
On the sand under blankets
With each other for a while
Oh, where the rain meets the dust
You'll find me; I'm yours
Oh, and tonight, you and I
Downpour, oh, oh
So come on, girl
Let's raise some morning skies
Let the birds take hold of us
Then I'll kiss your eyes
And while the sun takes the sky
And cushions the stars
That's when we'll slumber in blue daylight
What's left in your arms
Oh, like a bird in a shell
You'll find me; I'm yours
Oh, and tonight, you and I
Cause all I need is your knee-top drumkit
And a record machine
To make something out of nothing
Make something so impure that it's hard to see
I'll be your wildfire forest, babe
You'll be the water rushing over me
Yeah, I need you so bad
But it's up to you to be good, you see
Good for me
So come on, honey
Put your worried mind away
At least just for a minute
Even if there's nothing to say
And when the rain comes down in sheets
We'll let it soak our skin
Then wash the grit from our hearts
And the cloak from our sins