From the recording Would Things Be Different

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It's a long road
But I've got big wheels
That keep on turning, baby
Like the earth and the sun
And the moon and the stars

Don't need fireworks
I just want a slow burn
But it takes so long
To get to you my girl
I've got the time

And bells and whistles
Make no sound
When you're around

I bite my lip
And wipe the sweat from my brow
And the sun's so hot, baby
That it's burning circles in the sky
And why? It's so sad

Cause you've got the country air
And such pretty views
But what a view from
The 50th Street bridge
Have you got the time?


And that's all I need

All it takes is a little boat
Or a paper plane
But the seas are high
And the air is choked
With rainy days so long
Until we meet again
In the sky
Where nothing ever ends

So come on northern wind
And drench the darkness
It's so hard to handle
The sights and sounds of you