1. Unravel Unwind

From the recording Would Things Be Different

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You look just like me way back then
We took no prisoners
We had no need of them
You shook your angry fist alongside mine
I didn't know it at the time
The world unravels in rewind

In spite of all that we have said
And everything we've done
The space between our words
Is all that we've become
I believed you when you told me you were fine
I should have known it at the time
The world unravels in rewind

Say it
Say the words I see behind your eyes
If it's not hard to say
Then it's a lie
I know you think we can not heal
But we can try

I've been known to hide from the people that I love
I'm afraid, I guess, that I'm easy to tire of
But I swear I'll risk it all to make you mine
If I can get you back in time
We won't unravel
We'll unwind


We can try